A tough year for a league still recovering from a devastating 2013 lockout. Still, we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight the year’s top performers and stars. Without further delay, the Top 5 Greater Boston Traffic Cones of 2014:


5) Rookie Hector “Molasses” De Jesus (pictured above) spent only two years in the minors before erupting with a breakthrough season in the big leagues. Thanks to a mid-season hot streak (Beacon Street road work, Marathon route lining, police detail near South Station) De Jesus earned top-tier recognition and a reputation as a diversely talented cone. Expectations for next season are already sky high.


4) Not a season passes without some mention of Big Dig MVP and longtime highway specialist Wayne Fitzsimmons. This year saw another dominant run for Fitzsimmons who was an unavoidable presence on 95, 90, 84, and 128 (and 85% of the time, he held either 1st or 2nd cone position on lane closings).


3) Corey “Tallboy” Barron. East Cambridge NStar debacle of September. ‘nuff said.


2) The legendary Frank Borakowski is the conical definition of grit & experience. After taking a direct hit from an F-150 at Revere construction site, Borakowski returned only two weeks later to help narrow lanes on I-84. Just another highlight for a 15-year vet who doesn’t understand the meaning of “quit.”

A worker lays traffic ones on Lincoln Boulevard outside Los Angeles International Airport, as roads are closed to move space shuttle Endeavour

1) Detractors will say his success is just the result of strong teammates but his fans & supporters know better. B’Parkison Jonesworth exhibited reflective flash & daring placement that put him cones above the competition. This emerging superstar will long be remembered for his risky curbside work on State Street and his split-lane performance on the Sumner Tunnel ramp. Fearless and entertaining and undoubtedly a winner.